Scuba Classes

From the minute you step in the door you’ll realize this is going to be AWESOME!

For over 24 years thousands of people have chosen Adventure Dive and Travel…check out why:

  • Team Teaching : A truly advanced educational concept where several instructors and divemasters may participate in your course. Our large corps of enthusiastic and experienced staff of 16 Instructors and Divemasters provides you with the benefit of learning from a huge pool of talent and experience.
  • State-Of-The-Art Facility – Holding one of the highest ratings in the industry, Adventure Dive & Travel is a PADI Five Star Dive Center. Our facility is one of the largest and best equipped in the Midwest. It features a heated indoor pool, 2 spacious classrooms, locker and shower rooms, large retail showroom, and more. Come in for a tour!
  • State-Of-The-Art Equipment – Our students train in some of the finest and most advanced gear available, including weight-integrated BCDs and dive computer consoles. “Only the best” is our philosophy – this makes your scuba experience fun and easy!
  • Personal Attention – Our classes are small and personal. They average 6 people and rarely more than 8. This allows us to give more individual attention and provide a better learning environment.
  • Convenient Scheduling – Because we hold between 50-75 classes a year, you can at start anytime. No waiting weeks for the next class to form. We also offer a wide variety of scheduling options so you can match your free time to a class while working at your own pace. Most courses average 3 weeks but you can complete your course in as little as 3 days!
  • Training Dives – In order to complete your scuba training, we make a series of 4 dives over 2 days. Our training dive sites include affordable long-weekend jaunts to fabulous Cozumel, Mexico, and 3-day houseboat trips to Bull Shoals, Arkansas. We also sponsor weekend trips to Mermet Springs in Southern Illinois and Haigh Quarry near Kankakee – these are some of the best dive spots in the Midwest.
  • Group travel – From day trips to week long jaunts, we average between 20-25 trips a year! We provide many opportunities to go diving at a wide range of prices so that everyone can participate.
  • Adventure Dive Community – We are not just a retail store and training facility, we are the hub of a large and active community. When you start diving you will meet fun people, make many lifelong friends and find yourself with opportunities for travel, socializing and having more fun than you ever imagined! Whether it’s a barbecue, a pizza party, or a trip to the far corners of the globe, there’s always somewhere to go and someone to go with you.