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Basic Diver Course 

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course (Prerequisite: Open Water Diver)

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Although we offer many different scuba programs, most people start their scuba experience and learn to dive by enrolling in either the Open Water Diver or the Advanced Open Water Diver program.

BASIC DIVER $399  The Basic Diver course is a great way to get started in the world of scuba diving! This course includes:

  • 6 classroom and pool sessions
  • Scuba system used during the pool sessions
  • Unlimited amount of practice dives in our pool before your certification dives – ensuring you are  VERY comfortable and confident when you do your Open Water Certification Dives.

COURSE MATERIALS $168  Course materials include Open Water Diver Manual, Open Water DVD, and Diver Log Book

CERTIFICATION DIVES $195  Four Open Water Certification Dives, at the conclusion of these Certification Dives you will receive your PADI Open Water Certification.

*Mask, fins, snorkel and boots will need to be purchased before Open Water Certification Dives.


      • How Is the Course Organized? – Getting certified to scuba dive is a 3-STEP process.
        • STEP 1 is a series of 6 classes, normally held from 6-9 pm, twice a week (Mon and Wed, or Tue and Thu) for 3 consecutive weeks. We have classrooms and an indoor pool right in our facility.
        • STEP 2 is your independent practice sessions. You can schedule as many of these as you wish.  They are free to our students and allow you unlimited time to practice all of the skills you learned. You will become VERY confident and relaxed after your practice session, and ready for STEP 3.
        • STEP 3 is your Open Water Certification Dives. These are a series of 4 dives done outdoors with our instructors, usually completed over 2 days. They are fun dives which allow you to gain confidence in your skills in an open water environment, while still under the supervision of our instructors. You can complete them on one of our many local diving weekends, or on one of our Caribbean trips. You can even complete them on your own vacation with a dive center at your destination.
      • How Do I Enroll? – So you can have plenty of time with your instructor, our classes are small, averaging 6 student divers. To guarantee your place in a class which meets your schedule, it’s best you enroll in person to fill out forms, pay for the course and pick up your study materials. You may also enroll over the phone and we can ship your course materials to you.
      • Where Are the Classes Held? – For your comfort and convenience, all of the classroom and pool sessions are held at our facility. Conducting all of the sessions at one location saves travel time, so you will have more time for learning and practicing.
      • What Do I Need to Provide? – If you are starting a program, all you need for the first couple of class sessions is a bathing suit and a towel – we will take care of the rest! By the 4th class, you will need to purchase your their own mask, snorkel, fins, and boots. You will need these items for your Open Water Certification Dives, and we do not rent them.  We encourage you to try several different styles of gear for the first class or two so you can make an educated buying decision. You’ll find it’s impossible to choose gear without trying it out first, and what better place than our pool? For all open water dives you will need to provide your own diving equipment, which you can rent from us or buy new!
      • What about buying my complete scuba system? Is the internet a good place to buy gear? – Please do not purchase any dive gear from anywhere else, especially the internet, without first consulting with us.  We constantly research and test gear to ensure we carry the best brands at the best prices.  Our regular prices are usually at or below internet prices, but with dive gear it’s not about price.  It’s about safety, and getting the appropriate gear for the diving you’ll be doing.  Diving is a gear-intensive sport.  Equipping our dive students and dive community with great gear is our primary purpose, and is what pays the bills, keeps the doors (and pool) open so we can continue to introduce people to scuba and keep the dive community active and healthy.  Our customers are those who support us by purchasing dive gear from us, and we work extremely hard to take care of our customers.  We look forward to having a lifelong relationship with every diver, for more classes, trips, dive parties, etc.  If you purchase all your gear from us, you’re automatically part of our dive community…if you buy elsewhere, it makes it almost impossible for us to take care of you…since we’re not familiar with your equipment, we can’t really advise you on how to use your gear, service your gear, or loan you gear.  In addition, anyone who buys their gear from us gets to use our pool free whenever they want..for life! 

Don’t just buy gear from us because you like us,
 buy from us because we have the best programs to benefit YOU!

      • What if my schedule doesn’t match any of the scheduled courses? – Not a  problem. Since we have a pool on site, we can put together a custom private schedule for you or your group for only a $100 scheduling fee.
      • What if I have several months between my pool sessions and my Open Water dives? – All of our students get to use our pool for free for their independent practice sessions. This is to practice their skills and we encourage it.  Even if you complete your pool sessions in the winter and don’t do your Open Water dives until spring, you can come in as often as you like to practice.  Some students log as many as 5-20 practice sessions before their dives.  This lets you get very comfortable with your skills before your Open Water dives.
      • When are the Open Water Certification Dives scheduled? – To complete your PADI Open Water Course and Open Water certification, 4 open water training dives are scheduled over 2 days. For the Advance Open Water (AOW) certification, an additional 5 dives are scheduled over another weekend. Often you can start some of your Advanced Open Water dives the same weekend you do your Open Water dives. You can often complete all 9 dives on one of our Caribbean dive adventures! Your instructor will discuss course scheduling options during class.
      • Where Do You Dive After Certification? – Let’s face it, diving is all about traveling to fun and exotic destinations!  From day trips to weekend jaunts, to 2-week adventures, we average 5-10 group trips a year!  We frequently take off on our most popular long-weekend getaway trip to do training dives in the warm, crystal clear waters of Cozumel, Mexico!  We also feature frequent adventures in the Caribbean, South Pacific and all points between.  From April to October we are diving locally almost every other weekend at dive sites like Mermet Springs  and Haigh Quarry. These are 2 of the best dive spots in the Midwest.  We have been leading groups of adventurous travelers all over the globe for over 20 years, and our experience allows us to provide lots of diving opportunities at a wide range of prices so everyone can participate.

Our group trips are legendary for the fun times we provide. A dive trip is not just about diving, we always explore all of the fun things there are to do at a destination. Horseback riding, mountain biking, windsurfing, zip lining, snorkeling, exploring the countryside are all part of what makes a memorable and exciting vacation!