Meet Our Staff

Your Instructors…

Diving since 1980, Jeff Fafoglia has dived in 24 of the 41 countries he’s visited. Jeff is one of the owners of Adventure Dive & Travel and holds the rank of Master Instructor and Staff IDC Instructor (training new instructors) for 17 specialty courses, as well as being an Emergency First Response Instructor Trainer and an EMT. Jeff also served on the PADI Advisory Board. Among his most memorable dives he includes certifying his brother in Grand Cayman, his first whale shark sighting in the Galapagos, the kelp forest of California, the German U-Boat U352 off North Carolina, the SS Yongala on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and Ras Mohammed in the Egyptian Red Sea. Jeff is one of the tour guides for AD&T’s sister company, Lost in Italy, a private pilot, an avid climber and hiker, and also enjoys snowboarding and kitesurfing.

Steve Fafoglia has achieved the rank of Medic First Aid Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer and is an instructor for 7 specialty courses since he began diving in 1995. Dive trips have taken him to many warm water locations, including Puerto Rico, Belize, Bonaire, Cozumel, Turks and Caicos, Roatan, Palau, Truk Lagoon and Grand Cayman. Steve loves to recount the night dive in Bonaire when in a matter of seconds he saw a dog snapper inhale a trumpetfish. Several minutes passed before the snapper was able to take that last gulp and swallow the fish’s tail. In addition to owning a hardware store, he is a partner in Adventure Dive & Travel and Lost in Italy. His hobbies include karate, aerobics, learning Italian and riding his Harley.

Terry Downing…(also known as T-Rex) was certified in 2004 and hasn’t looked back. He has earned certifications in 15 different specialties, and is always looking for new challenges in his diving career. He became an Open Water Scuba Instructor in 2011 and has been training students non-stop ever since. T-Rex is the anchor of the youth diving program, with an enormous amount of expertise in Seal Team, Master Seal Team, and Scuba Birthday Parties. This isn’t surprising, considering he has been a grade-school teacher for his entire adult life! Along with teaching diving, T-Rex has racked up an impressive list of dive destinations in his log book…Palau, Cozumel, Galapagos, South Africa, Jamaica, Truk Lagoon, Cancun, Florida, and even Canada! When he’s not in the water, Terry is fond of running marathons and watching his son compete at swim meets.

John Gee has a wonderful New Zealand accent which makes it easy to identify him among the dive staff. Since he started diving in 1997, John has earned divemaster, four specialty ratings, and his Open Water Scuba Instructor in 2011. John dove in New Zealand, Cozumel, Bonaire and the Bahamas, with the Ginger Bread Grounds on the Grand Bahama Bank his favorite site. He works as a Physical Therapist with a specialty in orthopedics and also trained as an Occupational Health Practitioner, Acupuncturist, EMT, Level II ski patroller and Level I avalanche controller. He has also climbed Mt. Changtse (north peak of Mt. Everest) and spent one summer in Antarctica. His many New Zealand climbs include Mt. Cook. In his free time John enjoys triathalons and mountain biking.

John Jordan got his open water and advanced certifications in Prince William Sound, Alaska in 1993. Since then he has sought more tropical diving locations like Bimini, Panama, Palau, Costa Rica, Galapagos, Truk Lagoon, Indonesia and Florida. John has since continued his diving education through AD&T, where he has gotten certifications in wreck diving, enriched air and underwater naturalist, to name a few. He achieved the rank of Open Water Scuba Instructor in the summer of 2011. When John isn’t underwater, he is known as Chief Sergeant Jordan, a mission systems chief in the Illinois Air National Guard. Although he appreciates the local diving opportunities, John would prefer to dive at his favorite destination, Grand Cayman.

Steve Longtha has been active in diving since he was certified in 1987, achieving the rank of Open Water Scuba Instructor in the summer of 2011.. His entire family has followed in his footsteps, and now he can enjoy the company of his wife and all four sons underwater! Steve has been seen on dive boats in both Bonaire and Cozumel. He’s led AD&T groups to the Bahamas and Panama City Beach, and his fins have graced the waters of the Galapagos Islands. To earn money to keep his family in dive gear, Steve is a lobbyist and can usually be found at the State Capitol, working for his favorite cause.

Your Assistant Instructors…

Mark Dugger has diving since 1987 and has been to 12 different Caribbean locations, including Roatan, Bonaire, Curacao and Grand Cayman. He has earned 6 specialty ratings and his Master Scuba Diver rating. Mark considers his best dive to be one in Belize, where there were more wild dolphins than he could count and they stayed with the divers for the entire dive. Mark has a degree in Agribusiness Economics from SIU-C and works as the Macoupin County Farm Bureau Manager. In his non-diving time, he enjoys boating and both water and snow skiing.

Your Divemasters…

Kirk Laudeman has been certified since 2005, and since then has remained very active in the diving community. Soon after achieving his Divemaster rating in 2009, he joined the ADT training staff and has since become a fixture at our Haigh Quarry training weekends. In his “other life” Kirk is an attorney, which may explain why he enjoys the peace and quiet of the underwater world. Kirk has both his daughter and his son as his dive buddies, and looks forward to many exciting adventures with them underwater in the future.

A stint in the 82nd Airborne prepared Terry Farris well for working with dive students during ADT’s training weekends, but he’s also often seen at dive destinations all over the world. He’s explored the reefs off Yap, spent many hours in the famed underwater world of Palau, and has logged Cozumel, Thailand, Honduras, the Philippines, and Thailand in his diving career.  When not wearing a dive mask or sailing, Terry is a Healthcare Consultant based in Baltimore.

Mike Hoyle was certified in 2006 and has since dived in an amazing number of locations including Cozumel, Bonaire, Curacao, the Philippines, Grand Cayman, Truk Lagoon, Palau, and the Florida Keys. What’s even more fun is that he’s often diving with one or more of his four sons, who are all certified. When Mike isn’t planning another family dive getaway he can be found in the woods hunting or behind his desk in the owner’s office at Kwik Wall manufacturing.

The summer of 2000 is when Bob Stidham became hooked on diving. Bob has accumulated 9 specialty certifications, earning his Master Diver and Divemaster in 2003. When he’s not out diving at a local site, Bob works for Hanson Professional Services as a computer guru and troubleshooter. Bob loves local diving and the Great Lakes shipwrecks, but has enjoyed salt water trips to Panama City Beach, Cozumel, South Carolina, Bimini and the Florida Keys. If Bob isn’t diving he loves hitting the open road on his new Harley. Bob’s wife Amy is also a diver and they can’t wait for their daughter Lauren to be old enough to dive with them.

Marjorie King has been has been diving since 1998 where her diving career began in Maui, Hawaii.  Since then she has never stayed out of the water long and visited many underwater treasures.  Traveling to the land down under to dive the Great Barrier reef, stopping off in the Galapagos Islands to dive with whale sharks, and then to Costa Rica to dive with hammer head sharks, and finally a short plane ride to Bali to explore the wondrous waters and landfall. In her spare time she likes to explore the warm waters of the Caribbean. When not kicking through the water, she is the Director of Medical Imaging at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield.

Your Divemasters-In-Training…

Becca Evans also serves as AD&T’s Swim Program Director. When she’s not out diving locally, you can find Becca in the AD&T pool with a herd of little ones.  Becca is currently studying marine biology, and recently visited the crystal clear waters of Belize on a class trip.